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About Sanitary Products

Sealskin has been producing an extensive assortment of sanitary products for many years now, and has built up a broad customer base in Europe and beyond. The Sealskin range consists of baths and related items, shower components and products to maintain, install or clean the Sealskin bath or shower products.


In this assortment you will find several types of baths such as mono or duo baths, rectangle shaped or square and in different series like the Urban or the Senso. The whirlpools are mentioned separately, but are of course closely related. In the Sealskin whirlpools, the hydro system offers a wonderful and stimulating water massage through multiple jets.


Sealskin offers several components for the modern shower in a wellness oriented bathroom, but also for a practical combination solution with a bath combined. The shower trays are offered in a range of shapes like square, rectangle and pentagon, with low level and high level versions.

Showers can be configured in various ways like a walk-in version, a corner version or combined with bath in the shape of a bath screen. The screens are of course used as doors in order to be able to enter a shower cabin. The shower doors can be ordered in multiple shapes and dimensions, even tailor made if need be. There are swing doors, folding doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors. With the assortment of doors and screens for showers it is possible to configure almost any type of shower cabin.

The thresholds are an addition to the screens and doors a way to use them in many different bathroom settings.

Maintenance products

For amongst others the own Sealskin products like the shower doors and floors, a whole range of maintenance products has been developed. In the range are items like a:

Bathroom fashion

In the line of fashion products, plenty of well designed accessories can be found to further upgrade your bathroom. Whether it concerns items like bathmatsshowercurtains or safety stickers, for most tastes a suitable product can be found. 

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